As of today, we have the house open, we are accommodating clients normally and we are following at all times a prevention protocolin line with that recommended by the authorities. We have also taken a series of additional measures and precautions that you can see in detail in the specialin detail in the special section on measures against covid (below).

Please note that the house is fully rented (not shared with other guests), there are no common areas or spaces shared with other guests and we have maintained them in the same way.with other guests and we have kept them up to date at all times since we are open all year round. You can continue to make your reservations as normal for future dates. In the event that due to official restrictionsrestrictions that may be in place when you have to come, it is not possible for you to get to the accommodation, we will keep 100% of the deposit and offer you two options.

1. Obtain a voucher that you can use at any time.

2. Modify the dates of your reservation to come later taking advantage of the deposit that you have already paid and without any cost on your part (choosing the date you want to come, choosing the time of the year you want, if you keep the season the price will remain the same, if you change it the price will change).

In case there are no mandatory restrictions, our cancellation policies will remain as usual. However, when youwhen you come to our accommodation, please, use common sense, follow the recommendations to prevent contagion (mask,distance and hygiene) and do not expose yourself to risky situations unnecessarily.

Remember, the house is in a small village in the middle of nature, i.e. with a very low population density and are an ideal environment where you can enjoy the calm, disconnect from nature. Ideal place to enjoy the calm, disconnect and recover from the uncertainty that we are living these months.

We are waiting for you, with the same enthusiasm and desire as always.

We wish you health, strength and courage.

Measures against covid

Our commitment is absolute and we are confident that by taking the appropriate measures we will be able to face the situation.

Distance measures

The house is always rented as a whole and without shared spaces.Any person who is not a guest coming in the house will do so wearing a mask. Please note that during your staygardeners and pool maintenance to ensure a good stay, if you have any problems during your stay and you need to come to the houseduring your stay and there is a maintenance worker, cleaning people, if you are staying for a long period of time (optional), but they will do it with the necessary precautions to ensure a good stay.but they will do it with the necessary precautions so that you can be calmly accommodated and they/they will be properly protected.

As a client, you can only enter the house when the cleaning is finished and you have to leave punctually before the indicated departure time. This way we reduce the contact between people and ensure that there is enough time to carry out the necessary disinfections.

Active prevention measures

You will have hydroalcoholic gel at your disposal.

We give you 4 free surgical masks per stay. So if you want to leave the house and you don't have a mask or at any time you need to use it for theyou need to use it for whatever reason, you will already have it at home. Remember to use it correctly according to the generalgeneral indications.All sheets and towels are washed at a minimum of 60 °C, which completely destroys the virus. In addition, the sheets and towels are at least one week without beingweek without being used, clean and stored without any use.During the cleaning and preparation of the houses, all personnel involved wear protective masks at all times and wash their hands beforehand.and washes their hands before, during and after cleaning. A bleach solution is used and applied to disinfect all surfaces, knobs, doorknobs and switches.The key sets are disinfected at each room with the disinfecting solution.The swimming pool uses saline chloride. The houses follow the protocols of cleaning and disinfection marked by the State.

The houses are always very clean: we have a median score of 9.8 for cleanliness in the last year.

Peace of mind measures

You have at your disposal my phone number 609 580 413 for anything.

If you need to make a medical consultation that does not require immediate attention you can call 061 in order to avoid unnecessary trips and waiting times, unnecessary travel and waiting times and thus avoid overloading the health system. In case of a medical emergency, 061 can also send a doctor to your accommodation, an ambulance or a medicalized helicopter. More information on the website of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

If you need urgent medical assistance you can call 112 24 hours a day.

In the event that any of the guests have symptoms before coming to the house it is important that they do not come for your safety, ours and everyone's. If you have any symptom during or after staying in one of our houses, let us know so that we can take the appropriate measures.