The guide to places of silence, with the geolocation of 25 idyllic places, in the middle of nature, where visitors can enjoy the silence and disconnect from the daily noise. The guide divides the spaces into three thematic categories: points of silence with spectacular views, those immersed in the forest, and those located next to water points.

The guide also includes the coordinates of the location and indications for access on foot, by car or 4x4, giving details of the difficulty, classifying it as low, medium or high. There is no specific signposting of the points of silence so that the impact on the natural environment is the least possible.

In these areas you can enjoy in silence the murmur of the water, the singing of the birds, or gawk contemplating the landscape. Nature is the precious privilege that we want to promote with this pioneering guide, proposing an original way to publicize privileged natural areas as a thread to promote the heritage of the municipality.
In the following link you can download in digital format the guide of the 25 different points of silence scattered throughout the municipality.
We encourage you to walk around there!